About me

Nick Rincón
Artista Master Sugar

Nick is a Venezuelan artist, sugar lover, founded his own organization, NickSweetArt in Philadelphia, 20 years ago. His passion for the art of sugar started from a very young age, he has been able to develop extraordinary skills in this wonderful world of sugar.

From a young Age, I have dedicated part of my life to designing wedding cakes and quinceañeras, which were my favorites, but at the request of a client in 2012, I designed my first “sugar shoe”. This created on indescribable addiction to elaborate and design womens shoes, I worked with a lot of tenacity in it´s elaboration and design, combining techniques and fashion. Thus allowing me to be recognized by my clients and followers as “The King of the Sugar Shoes”.

Nick has focused his talent on decorating beautiful cakes, elaborate cake flowers and designing elegant shoes, which has created the astonishment and admiration of the people who have been able to luxuriate in the impeccable realistic work of his designs and works.
Which is why he has been deserving of the title “King of the Sugar Shoes” for this wonderful and unequaled collection of high- heeled shoes and ankle boots.

These creations have made Nick internationally recognized, and have been nominated as an artist of the year (2016) in the United States by Edible Artist Global Award (EAGA), an annual competition that honors excellence in the world of edible arts.

foto zapatos
The King ok the sugar shoes1

Educación y Certificaciones

- PME Professional Diploma Course taken at Cake Art Shop
Knightsbridge PME Ltd. School of Cake Decorating & Confectionary Art.
- Princess shoes & boot the luxe Instructor in The Americas Cake Fair 2017.
- Instructor in The Americas Cake Fair 2015.
- Instructor Soflo Cake & Candy Expo 2018.
- Instructor Soflo Cake & Candy Expo 2017.
- Instructor Soflo Cake & Candy Expo 2016.
- Expositor Soflo Cake & Candy Expo 2015.
- Satin Ice Expo 2015.
- IBIE Las Vegas 2016.
- IBIE Hong Kong nominated Artist of the year USA 2016.-
Cake baking and decorating course completion, San Cristobal, Venezuela

- Business Administration, Catholic University, Venezuela.