The best place to find your cake Toppers, sugar flowers and heels. 

www.nicksweetart.com was created by Nick Rincon, Venezuelan Artist with more than 20 years of experience in the sugar world.

He is the passionate creator of the sugar high heels shoes, and also Sugar and gumpaste Flowers. This page will be used to display all of his wonderful works. Thanks for visit Us.

This Page is being created for the team of Nick Sweet Art to show to all his followers of the different media networks like Facebook and Instagram they sugar works.

Also, if you are interested in classes, or buying any product from our page feel free to contact us at 267-312-7059 or 305-713-9709.

Upcoming Classes


  • Braulio Miranda

    Hola que tal realice una compra de su libro digital con tarjeta de credito y me llego un correo donde la compra se realizo con exito ,pero como puedo hacer para acceder a ver el libro digital ya que no me llego nada a mi correo,espero me pueda ayudar .Gracias saludos desde Peru.

  • Gina Barreto Carrasco

    Deseo información de los cursos Online, admiro mucho su trabajo, me encanta también modelar zapatos y me gustaría aprender más técnicas.

  • Bonnie Brown

    Hi Nick. We are excited about seeing you next weekend at the FLORIDA ICES mini classes. We have spread the word that you donated your shoe kit for a raffle.

    Have a wonderful weekend. Bonnie

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